Welcome to Data!

Our Beginning

There you go. You’ve gone and done it. Somehow in your stumble across the internet you have managed to land on this. Our first blog post. Since it is usually polite and proper etiquette to introduce yourself on one’s first exchange, allow me to introduce you to Keyence Analytics and just what it is that we do. 

Keyence may not be a name you are familiar with, but I guarantee that our products have impacted your life. Keyence started in 1974 to make sensors for automated manufacturing. What exactly does that mean? Well, when anything is made using machines, those machines need to be able to see the world around them so they can understand that it probably isn’t a good idea to weld a passenger door onto the trunk of that car, or to guarantee that when you get a 24oz soda, it has 24oz in it. Machines don’t have senses like we do, and as such, we have to come up with creative ways to turn other forms of information (light, sound, etc...) into information that the machine can use to understand its world.

That has always been something we have been good at, turning data into information. Converting a string of bits and bytes into useful insights and intelligence that we can then feed back to others. Be they machine or human. As such, we didn’t only do this with our products, but with our entire business as a whole. Using data to inform our decision-making process and to help turn the big picture of data into an actionable direction for us to go. 

That brings us to where we are today, taking steps to bring that capability to others. But I digress and if we don’t move on quickly, I may regale you with far more history than we care for at this time.

Our Purpose

When we look at the world today it’s pretty hard to miss how important information is. We are in the heart of the information age and data has become the new currency of our future. Heck, cryptocurrency is LITERALLY a form of data that is being used as a currency! Keyence is a company that believes that all information has value and with the right tools, you can paint an accurate picture of the world around you. The problem though, is that we have become gluttons for data, hording it like a dragon guarding its gold (Sorry, The Hobbit was on last night). We have begun to choke on the sheer quantity of data at our fingertips and it has resulted in a Paradox of choice where we find inaction to be a better course of action than to act on it. We are figuratively sitting on a mountain of wealth, while trying to find spare change in our old pants pockets!

Our Goal

Keyence wants to see companies using their data. We want to see companies able to make the right, data guided business decisions based on the information already available to them. Our goal as an organization is to help companies to become more “Data guided” in their business decisions. To rely less on their gut and more on the information that they already have available to them. We want to see our customers increase their efficiency, decrease their costs, and increase their own value to the market. Our goal as a company has always been to focus on “Added Value” be that from our products or our employees or, in this case, our customers. Because in the end, stronger companies lead to better growth and more opportunities (it’s a cycle we can all get behind). 

Happy Birthday!

Today we are pleased to bring to the market our first of many tools to aid in this journey. Ki is part of our Keyence Data Analytics Platform and is designed to help companies (just like yours…yes yours) to make sense of the data that you already have, and help you get value from that data. We are excited to begin this journey with our customers to keep improving our product offerings, and help share our knowledge of “Data Guided Business” practices. So welcome, we’re glad you stopped by. If you want to learn more about how data can help improve your business then I strongly recommend you pull up a chair, grab a piece of cake and spend some time with us. It is our hope that this site and the people behind it can become an invaluable extension of your own organization, and we can all grow together and create that “added value”. 

Check back often or subscribe for videos, white papers, and additional blogs about topics ranging from Machine Learning, to Data Analytics, to how data is helping modern society. But for now I will let you return to your internet wanderings and cute cat videos

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