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KEYENCE is at the forefront of factory automation, providing wide range of products including sensors, measuring systems, laser markers, and machine vision systems.

Since it's foundation in 1974, we have dedicated to adding value to our customers by combining superior technology with unparalleled support.

Now Keyence operates its business in 46 countries in 210 offices, serving 250,000+ customers worldwide.

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By focusing on adding value, KEYENCE has achieved over 10% growth in the last 25 years.
About 70% of the product is either world 1st or industry 1st, placed in Forbes 100 most innovative companies every year since its inception.

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May 1974
273,549,000 USD
5,241,928,000 USD
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Keyence headquarters in Osaka, Japan

Headquarters in Osaka, Japan

Background of Developing Ki

With the improvement in technology and infrastructure, companies nowadays have massive amount of data in their hands. That includes traditional customer master and sales data, but also includes transactional data such as web access log, sales and marketing process data. There is no doubt that data informed decisions are important, but in many cases companies fail to utilize their data in decision making and strategies.
Keyence since it's establishment in 1974 has been utilizing data to make informative decisions. However, with the increase in the quality and quantity of the data that are available, it gradually became difficult to utilize data especially for non-data experts on the business side. After trial and error process, what we found is that the key to develop tangible action plan from data is to exhaustively come up with theories and numerically evaluate them with machine learning. That way, the business user in our company were able to figure come up with action idea from data.
Ki series was developed through this experience internally and is a practical machine learning software suited to business users without expertise in data science.