Turn Your Data
Into Action

Use artificial intelligence to drastically change your data-driven strategy

Business Analytics Platform Ki Series

How Sum of Purchase afects Retention Auto Insight


  • The Marketers Guide to Approaching AI

    The Marketers Guide to Approaching AI

  • Case Study: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

    Case Study: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

  • Whitepaper: Adding AI to Your BI, C I Can Do it Too!

    Whitepaper: Adding AI to Your BI, C I Can Do it Too!


Go from having data,
to acting on it

Ki turns your data into action.
Simply input your data and ask what business problems you would like to solve.
Even from large sets of data, Ki automatically generates plans and strategies and recommends where you will have the largest impact to achieve your goals.

Ki Dashboards on Laptops Ki Dashboards on Laptops

Better data analysis
better actions

How do I increase
my number of repeat customers?

Ki’s specific insights lead to specific action Ki’s specific insights lead to specific action

All you need to do,
is input your data

  • Make your data usable

    Make your data

    Without programming, aggregating or converting; your data is ready to be analyzed

  • Auto-generate theories


    Automatically generate tons of theories via Artificial Intelligence

  • Auto-rank each theory

    Auto rank each

    Ranks each theory by its importance to help select the most impactful.

  • Action simulator

    Action simulator

    Simulate how much your action would impact and result before implementation


Solve your business
problems with Ki

  • Personalized Marketing

    Personalized Marketing

    Present optimized offerings based upon customer's actions and preferences to improve marketing ROI

  • Coupon and Discount Strategy

    Coupon and Discount Strategy

    Maximizing profit through optimized promotions and discount offerings

  • Customer Churn Prevention

    Customer Churn Prevention

    Find actions to prevent customer loss by targeting those customers most likely to churn.

  • Sales Process Efciency Improvement

    Sales Process Efficiency Improvement

    Find the golden combination of sales actions and customer profiles to drastically improve sales

  • Product Plan Optimization

    Product Plan Optimization

    Find commonality between customer's actions and life style to develop products best suited to the target

  • Defect Parts Roots Cause Analysis

    Defect Parts Root Cause Analysis

    Understand which production parameters and materials are leading to defects, to help prevent them.



KEYENCE is a leading global company in the Factory Automation space. Keyence has been successful by adding value through product and service, resulting high and sustainable growth.

As represented in our name Keyence [short for Key of Science], we have been making data-informed decisions in every aspect of our business from day one.

Ki series is our secret weapon, a toolset designed for the business user to help make data guided business decisions easy for everyone.
We firmly believe that data needs to be at the center of every action, and we want to help show you how to make that a reality.

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